Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kundalini Energy Yoga: The Key to Unsticking Your Stuck & Renewing Your Radiance

Kundalini Energy Yoga:
The KEY to Unsticking Your Stuck & Renewing Your Radiance
Beginning Monday, May 10 - 6-7:15 pm - This will be an ongoing class & drop-in's are welcome - $48 for 6 classes or $10 for a drop in fee.

Kundalini Energy Yoga combines kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, and dance based movement with invigorating breath work and simple chant to awaken stuck energy and make it accessible so that you can experience the joy and exuberance for which you were born. Focusing on creating flexibility in the spine and strength in the core, Kundalini Energy Yoga fully heats the body, thereby decreasing likelihood of injury, both in the studio and in daily life. Kundalini Energy Yoga will not only tone your body but will also liberate you from old, outdated, and unproductive mind sets, setting free your natural passion, creativity, and happiness.

Christine Claire Reed is a Kripalu Certified YogaDance Instructor. She has been studying dance since she was coordinated enough to walk and twirl; she has studied yoga for 15 years, focusing on Kundalini Yoga for the past 8. Christine has personally overcome depression, anxiety, and disordered eating through the beauty, freedom, and joy of dance and movement. Come and experience the power of her mind-body healing practices.

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  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these kundalini books?